Mallory and Stacy

Yesterday, two really great blogs came out from @StacyLOliver and @MalloryBower.

From “Hold onto the Good Ones” by Stacy

Those who are the loudest are not always right. Having 25,000 Twitter followers should not be confused for having experience or wisdom in the field. Trust your gut more than you trust our self-appointed thought leaders or gurus — you have to live with your decisions longer than you will ever live with one of their decisions.

From “Are You Shoulding Me?” (on half marathons, speaking gigs, the PhD, and Nutella) by Mallory

The trick is to figure out what YOU want. This takes most of us a while, it’s OKAY. I know it seems like everyone around you is running marathons while writing science fiction novels and raising quadruplets who play classical piano. It’s easy to get insecure about this, so when people compliment your talents it’s easy to get sucked into what everyone else is doing. Respond to unsolicited advice with a silent, “ARE YOU SHOULDING ME?!” and then a hearty, “THANKS, BUT NO THANKS.

All too often we seek advice from others OR  unsolicited advice comes our way when we want to try something new.  I want to thank both Mallory and Stacy for their blog entries, but most importantly, encouraging and challenging each and every one of us to just do what we want and not rely solely on other people’s opinions.

If you haven’t already, take some time to read each of these blogs — that’s my unsolicited advice for the day.

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