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Sitting around the bar last night – chatting with some colleagues and friends, we started to talk about what we were excited to do when we get back to our respective homes post conference.  Things ranged from implementing things we’ve learned from said conference, enjoying sleeping in their own bed, and (in my opinion the

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Conferences: We are never, ever,ever…

…getting back together. Ever. In a time of tight budgets, my institution, Boston University, is looking for ways to strategically cut costs and save a lot of money. I know that the University of South Carolina was implementing this years ago when I working there and there were many ways they encouraged us to develop

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I have ….

Confidence. And you should too. There’s been a lot of chatter on various social media platforms that happen around this time of year. What’s so special about this year? Well, as many of you know, it’s job search season for those 2nd year grads in Higher Ed programs or people who are just looking for

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Putting some pep in a vendor’s step

Conferences. Not only are they for learning from each other, networking, and an all-around delightful time, they are also for vendors and sponsors to show of their latest and greatest products to people and hopefully gain a new client. Unfortunately, while there are many conference attendees, most of them do not have the power to

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