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College football rivalries and fundraising

As an undergrad, when Penn State would play Michigan State, there would always be a competition blood drive: the school who gets the most student to donate to the red cross would win bragging rights. For the few years that I was there, Michigan State always won. But now, some colleges (alumni associations) are using

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College Student Philanthropy

Dance Marathon was held this weekend at Indiana University. Dance Marathon is more than just about fundraising money for the kids (FTK); it is also an amazing example of student philanthropy. In thinking about Dance Marathons that will happen all over this country, here’s a more in-depth look at Thon at Penn State, said to be one of the origins of this charitable event.

Fundraising in Student Affairs (Part I)

Building a fundraising program is like building an empire: it takes careful consideration and strategically placing people in the right places to make the ask. Fundraising in student affairs is a no-brainer: we already have the tools we need for success: relationships with people, traditions, and the best part: why. The fundamentals/components begin with Why.

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