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Student Affairs featuring Higher Education or Higher Education featuring Student Affairs? I’ve had so many thoughts about my profession, I guess you could say I’m sitting in Chickering’s 6th vector: developing purpose and I’ve been stuck here for awhile. When I initially researched graduate school programs, I really didn’t know about the various differences of

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Working in the Interim

Working in an interim position is weird and a lot of work. I have all of the responsibilities of the job I was hired to do, plus I have these new responsibilities, meetings, and connections that I didn’t know I would have.  I also find myself cleaning up a lot of messes or reworking a

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The Lost Art of Critical Thought

Who cares if you know all of Chickering’s seven vectors? That’s not critical thinking – Dr. Vasti Torres Humans are in a rare position on this planet — we are one of the few mammals that have the ability to use our brains to for creativity, thought, conversation, and pretty much anything to make this

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College Student Philanthropy

Dance Marathon was held this weekend at Indiana University. Dance Marathon is more than just about fundraising money for the kids (FTK); it is also an amazing example of student philanthropy. In thinking about Dance Marathons that will happen all over this country, here’s a more in-depth look at Thon at Penn State, said to be one of the origins of this charitable event.

Fundraising in Student Affairs (Part I)

Building a fundraising program is like building an empire: it takes careful consideration and strategically placing people in the right places to make the ask. Fundraising in student affairs is a no-brainer: we already have the tools we need for success: relationships with people, traditions, and the best part: why. The fundamentals/components begin with Why.

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Revisiting CSAM and student leaders

Careers in Student Affairs month is a time dedicated to sharing thoughts and advice to students on our campuses about a possible career in student affairs. I’ve seen some wonderful examples of programs: from shadowing a Dean of Students for a Day to panels of professionals across campus, answering questions about how they first got

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Reframing our work with Parents

  Every year, we see a number of articles written on parents and their influence on their college student. We even have labels for these types of parents: Helicopter parents, snow plow parents, etc. More recently, I came across this article from the Washington Post titled “How Helicopter Parents are Ruining College Students”. Ruining? I

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  I constantly get lost. This is evident by the gift my mom gave me once — a Magellan Navigation system for my car. It was one of the happiest days of my directionally challenged life. Anywhere outside my hometown, I’ve consistently gotten lost. One time, while I was living in DC, I had to

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