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Conferences: We are never, ever,ever…

…getting back together. Ever. In a time of tight budgets, my institution, Boston University, is looking for ways to strategically cut costs and save a lot of money. I know that the University of South Carolina was implementing this years ago when I working there and there were many ways they encouraged us to develop

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I have ….

Confidence. And you should too. There’s been a lot of chatter on various social media platforms that happen around this time of year. What’s so special about this year? Well, as many of you know, it’s job search season for those 2nd year grads in Higher Ed programs or people who are just looking for

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Taking the Reigns

When most people think professional development, they mostly associate it with conferences, webinars, and guest speakers/lecturers. While those are all awesome ways to professionally develop yourself  and gain valuable knowledge that will help you advance in your position, I am afforded a different opportunity. As I sit in the office during mega snow-storm (yikes), I am also

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Intentionally International

I never worked at an institution with a high number of international students before I came to Boston University. While the other institutions I attended and worked at did have many international students, Boston University’s numbers blew all the other schools away. This upcoming academic year is no exception. Today, in an article from BU Today,

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Breaking the Binary

What are the needs of transgender students? That’s the question I wondered as I attended a session on transgender students at #NASPAMystic. The presentation was facilitated by  @AlexCabal82 , @Christyn238 , and@TM_Porter and gave a lot of insight and clarification on the lingo in the transgender world. But a great area of conversation came up during the presentation: “We

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Putting some pep in a vendor’s step

Conferences. Not only are they for learning from each other, networking, and an all-around delightful time, they are also for vendors and sponsors to show of their latest and greatest products to people and hopefully gain a new client. Unfortunately, while there are many conference attendees, most of them do not have the power to

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MOOCs and Big Data: My takeaways from NASPATech

The fabulous city of Indianapolis played host to this year’s #NASPATech conference. I was excited to attend, as I had two opportunities to present and the fantastic opportunity to meet professionals who geek out about tech as I do. This event was my summer camp moment: found people who shared the same interest as me,

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The Mean Girls Syndrome

I think most of us would much rather forget, than to relive, our high school days. For me, it wasn’t exactly rainbows and sunshine, rather, it was kind of miserable. I didn’t really enjoy high school and was very happy when graduation day came and I got to say Adios to good ol’ Edison High. The

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Leading Versus Running

Over the past few years, my leadership style has undergone more facelifts than Joan Rivers. I admire those who areable to lead and then have people follow them without hesitation. I was in awe of my supervisors, who were confident and able to lead and guide me to be successful. The other day, Eric Stoller

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Communication is everywhere. It’s in print, television, internet, radio… basically communication is unavoidable unless you live under a rock. The ways in which we are communicated to and how we communicate are truly important. They are so important that it is essential to how we function in our jobs as leaders and in our daily lives and

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