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The Lost Art of Critical Thought

Who cares if you know all of Chickering’s seven vectors? That’s not critical thinking – Dr. Vasti Torres Humans are in a rare position on this planet — we are one of the few mammals that have the ability to use our brains to for creativity, thought, conversation, and pretty much anything to make this

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College Student Philanthropy

Dance Marathon was held this weekend at Indiana University. Dance Marathon is more than just about fundraising money for the kids (FTK); it is also an amazing example of student philanthropy. In thinking about Dance Marathons that will happen all over this country, here’s a more in-depth look at Thon at Penn State, said to be one of the origins of this charitable event.

Revisiting CSAM and student leaders

Careers in Student Affairs month is a time dedicated to sharing thoughts and advice to students on our campuses about a possible career in student affairs. I’ve seen some wonderful examples of programs: from shadowing a Dean of Students for a Day to panels of professionals across campus, answering questions about how they first got

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Arrogance of the Young

Working with graduate students is a great opportunity to mold and nurture some truly outstanding future professionals in higher ed and student affairs.  Graduate students often bring a lot of good, tangible skills to the table, along with good energy and the ability to do good work in and out of the classroom. While there

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26.2 and 24 hours later

Yesterday, it was a great day to live in Boston. Today, it is a great day to live in Boston. Tomorrow, it will be a great day to live in Boston. I’ve called this city my home for the past two years. I’ve explored, celebrated, grieved, and lived Boston and all it has to offer.

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These are my confessions Just when I thought I said all I can say (Confessions Part 2, Usher) When a person speaks their own confessions, they bring to the table a great sense of vulnerability and authenticity. As a kid, I went to confession. I told the priest anything I had done wrong over the

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ASB – Goshen, IN

I’ll have to admit: when I first signed up to be a chaperone for Alternative Spring Break, I really had no idea what I would be getting myself into. I read about the different work sites and attended the pre-trip planning meetings. At one point I thought: Am I ready for this?  My role as chaperone was to

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Learning and Living your passion

Living Learning Communities. Learning Communities. Freshman Interest Groups. Specialty Communities. Living and Learning Cohorts. Special Interest Housing. They go by many names and yet, they all somewhat mean the same thing. When students come to our campuses, they have the opportunity to live in a residence on campus that will enhance the way they live

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