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Running talismans

Of course like any runner, there are obvious things that I wear when running: sneakers (Saucony) sports bra (Under Armour makes the best) and my favorite running top that is NEVER the shirt of the race that you run (it’s very taboo). But here are three little talismans that I wear when I run: Top: This

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26.2 miles and 1 year later….

A lot has changed in a year. I am no longer living in Boston, I have a new job and have a new set of friends in my life. Change is constant and something that I’ve come to appreciate in my life. Something that will always stay with me will be April 15, 2013, when

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FTK! — 207 Days to go

For the kids. FTK. And I have 207 days to raise $3,500 dollars for Boston Children’s Hospital Miles for Miracles Team. <—– Click there to donate.   I got the phone call from Boston Children’s Hospital (BCHOP) on Monday. They called me, asked me questions, and before I knew it, I was on the team. It

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clear eyes, full hearts

  I am not an avid TV watcher. In fact, I don’t really watch TV all that much, unless you count the news, which then, is a whole other story. Sure I have shows that I have on my DVR, and when I have time, I watch them.  I’ve never watched shows about  vampire slayers

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A Haircut and A Filet Mignon

Tuition: not something you just pay to go to college. Tuition can also be applied for the amount of money you spend to learn a lesson in daily life. I was out on a date in Dallas TX and my date and I went to this amazing steakhouse.  I ordered a butterfly cut filet mignon

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I am tired of selfies. I am tired of running stats. I am just plain ol’ tired of the dog and pony show that social media continues to become. I often take breaks from social media because I need it. It’s rude how  my timelines and feeds are mostly noise, and it is hard to

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It’s move in season for those of us who work in residence life. It’s an exciting time of year when we get to open our doors and allow students to move into our buildings on our campuses and hope that they have a successful year of learning and growing. The role that most hall directors

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Coming Clean

Yesterday, I did something that I was scared to do for two years: I told my mom something that I was keeping from her for that period of time. I was scared that she would judge me or think I made a really bad decision, but it was the opposite.  My mom was supportive and

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