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DOMA, Prop 8, and our students

DOMA(Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 are two issues that I think have taken our field by storm, along with the rest of the general population. Of course, these current issues in our government have many  meanings to many different people. After reading college newspapers of the places where I worked or went to

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The Gambler

I am by no means a big gambler. I went to Las Vegas this past weekend for a much needed vacation, which happened to coincide with a student affairs conference, but all that aside, I went to enjoy myself and explore a new place that I’ve only seen and heard about either on TV or

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The refresh button

The refresh button – it’s an amazing little feature on our web browsers. If at any time something on a website doesn’t work, you just hit that little button and the web page (should) be back to normal. Wouldn’t that be awesome if life came with its own refresh button? Sometimes, there are days when

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The concierge desk at my residence hall

I used to work for a Director of Housing and Residence Life who would always ask the question: What makes us (residence life staff) different from hotels and their employees? This person would never answer the question, and would have us “sit” on that question, making us think about why we work in residence halls

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Pura Vida

Pura Vida.  Pure Life. After spending about a week in Costa Rica, the pure life is how I am going to live my life. Costa Rica’s slogan Pura Vida derives from the way many Costa Ricans live their life: they’re surrounded by happiness, well-being, and satisfaction. Pura Vida can also be used in response when someone asks you

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The Lost Art of Original Thought

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I was at home with my mom and my partner. We were thinking about what to watch on TV, when we decided that we would watch The Amazing Spiderman aka: Spiderman without Tobey Maguire. As I watched the movie, I couldn’t help but wonder why they even decided to make this movie.

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Where are the students in student affairs?

Ego. Whether it’s small or out-of-control ginormous, most of us have it. It’s just one of those things we don’t outright acknowledge, but we can all sense that it’s there. Other people can too and while most of us like our egos to be stroked, an ego can distort our views and make us forget

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The Blood of the Blue and White

That was me in 2003. A “Student” at the Pennsylvania State University. I remember going on a campus tour as a transfer student, meeting with my advisor, and being really excited about starting life at a new university. People often asked me why I transferred schools; it wasn’t because my first institution wasn’t good —

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Finding your happy

This past Friday, I attended a memorial service for a BU grad  student  from India who was shot unexpectedly in the town adjacent to BU. I didn’t know this student: he never lived in my building, I never saw him for a conduct meeting, I never supervised him, yet when I went to his memorial

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Pins and Ideas

I will admit it: when Pinterest first came out, I refused to join. I felt like I didn’t need yet another avenue to explore and perhaps I was in denial and thinking that Pinterest was just a new fad –think Rockmelt. One day, I decided to give in and sign up for an invite. I

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