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Student Affairs Stagnation Nation

On Thursday, February 16, 2012, I presented at the first ever Boston Confab. There were a ton of topics that I could talk about, the proverbial  blank canvas was my opportunity to be an artist; to speak about what I was passionate about, what would cause people to think outside the box, and to challenge

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Why I Joined a Traditional Sorority as a Professional When I was an undergrad, I didn’t  have the opportunity to join a sorority. I was told that sororities were all about “buying your friends” or “being a part of the in group”. I heard a lot of negative comments about sororities and also heard rumors about how sororities treated  girls who did not

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Run Valerie, Run

Last year, I started running. I was never a runner and although I was on the track and field team in high school, I was a thrower who competed in shot put and discus. Our coach made us run the 1.25 mile loop which we called “the Ferris wheel” because the course went along Ferris

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Find your way

This post is inspired from last week’s #sachat topic: #StudentAffairs Extracurriculars: Your SA Experience Outside Your Job. I wasn’t able to participate the whole time, but from all of the conversation on the topic, I felt like I could talk about it for hours.  When I first started in student affairs as a professional, I really

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It’s All Lateral

I started my professional career in student affairs in July of 2008 at the University of South Carolina. I worked in residence life as a Residence Life Coordinator. Within that position, I gained an enormous amount of skills and knowledge that would set me up for successful positions for the rest of my career.  Over

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In 2010 I…. – ran approximately 92 miles between October and December – reconnected with some great friends – Connected with some wonderful professionals in Student Affairs -Saw my friends get married: Danielle and Andy and Alison (whom I’ve known for 27years) and Mark – Traveled to Jackson, Mississippi, Orlando, Florida, Greenville,SC, Charleston,SC, Helen, GA,

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The Journey.

Right now, I am a now going on 3 years in my current position. I got here from a journey of unexpected paths, which ultimately lead  to my passion for working in the student affairs profession.  I am here because of the places I’ve been and the people I’ve met. Just to give you some

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